PPR Submersible Pump Pipe
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Fusion PPR UV Pipes Manufacturer and Suppliers from India


Thermoplastic materials are susceptible to ultraviolet (UV) degradation upon prolonged exposure to sunlight. Evidence of such degradation could be observed as a color change. The rate at which degradation may occur varies based on the availability of air, water, oxygen and other oxidizing agents.

The use of black pigment in fusion UV pipes will improve weathering characteristics by helping to screen out the ultraviolet light. Pigments are incorporated into the resin system to act as a further barrier to UV penetration into the laminate.
Fusion PPR UV Pipes Manufacturer, Exporter India

Since UV degradation is a surface phenomenon the most efficient means of prolonging the integrity of the reinforcement it to place a resin-rich protective layer on the surface of the pipe. On account of this, fusion UV pipes are over-wrapped with an organic barrier layer to provide even greater UV resistance.

  • The surface layer which includes UV stabilizers increase the service life of the PP-R pipe for around 5 years.

  • UV stabilizers operates only on the surface layer, never contact with the inside liquid and PP-R pipe transports water safely.

  • Designers and installers should note that although fusion UV pipe has a better resistance to UV degradation compared with normal PP-R pipes, depending on the weather conditions, the degradation of the material under the sunlight cannot be avoided completely.
Range Of PPR UV Resistant Pipes

20mm 20mm 20mm
25mm 25mm 25mm
32mm 32mm 32mm
40mm 40mm 40mm
50mm 50mm 50mm
63mm 63mm 63mm
75mm 75mm 75mm
90mm 90mm -
110mm 110mm -
160mm - -

UV Resistant Pipes are available in double layer, outer layer is black and inner layer is grey.

Tripple Layer Pipes are also available in the above mentioned dimensions with outer and inner most layer in white and middle layer in black.