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R and D department in YEEKAY to be established. Therefore, we can state that YEEKAY has made its start with research and development studies. Yeekay didn't buy know-how, we produced its own technology and thus reached our current status in a very short period of time.

This department in which research and development studies are conducted,
technological superiorities are created,
Fusion PPR Pipe Fittings R and D

was named as R and D department and continued its studies under this title for a long time. However, after sometime it has been observed that this title is used by many companies without really meaning it. Companies call their technical department R and D though they don't conduct any R and D studies.

Patents are the most important outputs of R and D departments. Whereas, when we look at the number of patents in Turkey, they are not as much as the times R and D name is used. This situation forced our company to create a concept in which “technology development” is mentioned as much as “research”. The department which conducted R and D activities since its foundation.

Research and Development Department consists of a small core team and satellites around it. The accuracy of this system is verified by the domestic and international successes that we have achieved.