PPR Submersible Pump Pipe
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Plastic Pipe Manufacturer and Services


Manufacturer: Yeekay Technocrat Pvt. Ltd. Roorkee, for details see Contact us

Product Range: Manufacture of Polypropylene piping systems for pressure distribution systems and house drains.

Manufacturing process: Pipes are produced by extrusion, pipe fittings by Injection Molding.

Environmental aspect: Our products are fully recyclable. No substances harmful to either human
Plastic Pipe Manufacturer India
health or environment are used in the manufacturing process.

The personnel is the most important part of our company, therefore we aim to create good working conditions in order to raise the feeling of loyalty with our company in our employees. By stabilization, education and self-education of our employees, we increase their privities and responsibility for ecological behavior and also their standard to the level necessary for providing goods and services with continuously improving quality. Our priorities also include improvements in the hygiene of working environment and creating ideal opportunities, so that the personnel can perform its duties according to rules and regulation.

Organization: Yeekay Technocrat Pvt. Ltd. Creates, plans and provides resources for realization of all processes of the management system, so that the requirement of all parties concerned are satisfied.