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CHLORINATED POLYVINYL CHLORIDE (CPVC) Pipes Manufacturer and Suppliers from India


Fusion is proud to introduce CHLORINATED POLYVINYL CHLORIDE (CPVC) for Hot and Cold water application keeping up with modern innovations & technology involved in producing the best quality at competitive cost. Fusion CPVC pipes and fittings are most advanced for hot and cold water plumbing system giving numerous advantages like corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, fire resistance, low thermal expansion, safety for drinking water, freedom from leakages and wall dampening, lowest bacterial growth besides easy installation and cost affectivity.

The strength of Fusion lies in its quality products and satisfied customers. Fusion over years has built a very large distribution network which adds to Fusion strength. Always on the look for new ideas and progress through modernization, diversification and expansion, Fusion is poised for a giant leap in the near future.

We are also dedicated towards manufacturing and market Fusion PPRC, PVC, ABS, HDPE Pipes and fittings, HDPE Blow mould water tanks by understanding local conditions and specific end user requirements.

  • Chemical resistant : CPVC has excellent chemical resistance to strong mineral acids and bases.

  • Tough, rigid material : Fusion CPVC pipe has a much higher strength than other thermoplastics used in plumbing. This means that CPVC needs less hangers and supports and there is no unsightly looping of pipe. Fusion CPVC pipe has a higher pressure bearing capacity. This leads to the same flow rate with a smaller pipe size.

  • Unaffected by chlorine in the water : Some materials may be adversely affected by chlorine contained in the water supply which can cause breakdown of the polymer chains and potential leaks. In this respect, Fusion CPVC pipe is unaffected by the chlorine present in potable water supply.

  • Low thermal expansion : Fusion CPVC pipe has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than alternative plastics, reducing the amount that the pipe expands when hot water is running, again reducing unsightly “looping’ of the pipe.

  • Superior Insulation : Fusion CPVC pipe is more energy efficient than metal pipe. As an insulator it does not lose heat the way metal pipe do, so heat loss and thermal expansion are reduced.

  • Hot and Cold water compatible : Fusion CPVC pipe is compatible with both hot and cold water. It withstand very high temperature compared to any other thermoplastic plumbing systems. Many solar and electric water heaters have CPVC piping system for heat efficiency and lower installation cost. Proper installation must be followed.

  • Fire Safety : CPVC has a limiting Oxygen Index of 60. Thus in air, Fusion CPVC pipe does not support combustion. No flaming drips, does not increase the fire load, low flame spread. Low smoke generation.

Technical Details

Out Side Diameter and wall thickness for CPVC as per IS 15778 : 2007



No. of joints per Ltr. of cement by pipe size.

Easy Installation System Procedure :

Fittings :